scandinavian and baltic studies

Scandinavia and the Baltic - Transnational and International Challenges
Associate Professor Jason Lavery: Dept. of History, Oklahoma State University
This series primarily would seek scholarship in the disciplines known as 'Area Studies': history and the social sciences. It would seek scholarship that examines problems in the Nordic/Baltic region or a specific country that are transnational and or international in nature.
This series would seek to address many of the weaknesses of scholarship concerning Scandinavia available in English. First, it would broaden the work in English available concerning Scandinavia on issues that concern international audiences. Between the Vikings and the welfare state, there are few scholarly books that one can read about Scandinavia in English in history and the social sciences. It would aid those who teach Scandinavian history on the university level to provide their students with scholarship that would help them put Scandinavia in larger perspectives. Second, it would challenge the strong current trend in English-language area studies scholarship on Scandinavia that seeks to emphasize the uniqueness of Scandinavia in the global community. Third, it would provide opportunities for scholars to better integrate Scandinavia in the prevailing narratives in their respective fields.
Editorial Panel:
Nancy Wicker: Univ. of Mississippi
Eric Einhorn: Univ. of Massachusetts
Mary Hilson: University of London
Mikko Ketola: University of Helsinki