history and politics

First Published 1997
Reprinted May 2013

xviii+ 166pp






Their Struggle for Independence

Luis Nunez Astrain

Translated by Meic Stephens
Foreword by Ned Thomas

I would recommend it to anyone hoping to grasp the viewpoint of the nationalist movement and gain further understanding of the Basque question
Ebul-Brussels Infocentre

This is an excellent introduction to the heroic struggle of the Basques to preserve their identity and achieve independence

A comprehensive account and discussion of the Basque problem that sheds light on the situation both for outsiders and those who already know the issues at stake...Well worth a read and a good source of research materials.
British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal & Spain

The political situation of the Basque people, like every other situation, is unique. We can only begin to make judgements when we understand its complexity…...
Ned Thomas, from the Preface

(The Basques) will attempt to explain why the Basque Country has not been officially recognized, why it is politically divided, and why there is discrimination against its language. It will describe the two-fold response of the country itself, first of all in the creation of the Partido Nacionalista Vasco (The Basque Nationalist Party), and then of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, otherwise known as ETA.  The Basques traces the political, cultural and linguistic history of the Basque people and their struggle for independence from the Spanish and French states.

Luis Nunez Astrain was, at the time of writing this book, Editor of the Basque language newspaper Egin.


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