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July 2003







drawn from wales
a school of art in swansea  1853-2003

Edited by Kirstine Brander Dunthorne

Described as "the most successful and prestigious art school in Wales", Swansea Art School has produced an acclaimed collection of artists including Ceri Richards, Evan Walters and Alfred Janes and this book is published to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

In addition to fine art, Swansea Art School has also houses the renowned department of Architectural Stained Glass, which is also featured in the book. Other disciplines taught at the art school are fully covered in the book including: design and photography.

Balancing interviews with past and present staff and students with original historical research into the art school's history, this fully illustrated book makes a valuable contribution to the growing critical understanding of the arts in Wales.

Kirstine Brander Dunthorne is a Senior Lecturer at Swansea Art School, now part of Swansea Institute of Higher Education.