Series Editor
Professor D Reynolds, Southampton Education School , University of Southampton
Education and educational systems are now a matter of political, public and professional debate as never before historically.  This debate concerns the ways in which schools can be improved, the nature of the schools that societies will need in the future and the deficiencies of educational systems at present.

This series aims to make available to both the professional and general reader, books that explore policy, practice, debate and controversy in education from an international perspective, and from renowned international authorities who can review fields based upon substantial knowledge and experience.

These fields will include:  
Educational policy;
Educational change and transformation;
Educational practice;
Educational governance and politics;
Special educational needs.

Additionally, whilst the series will be international in nature, a particular focus will also be given to Wales and the issues related to the Welsh educational system, including Welsh medium education, the future of Higher and Further education in Wales and the more general issues in Wales about how whole national systems can be 'turned around'. This will be compared and contrasted with similar systems and educational innovations globally.

Books will be research monographs, text book reviews of particular fields/areas of Education and specialist reviews in particular fields/areas.


Learning the Lessons of Education
in Post-Devolution Wales


Success, Failure and Fiasco
in Welsh Education Policy
Since Devolution











Adult Learning Adult Teaching
4th Edition